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Things To Know About Drag Queens

People who have never been to a drag show might not have the whole idea of drag shows and drag queens. Drag shows are queer, flashy and quite hilarious but can as well be much more subversive, artistic and even political. Here are things to know about drag shows and drag queens.

A drag queen refers to an individual mostly male who wears women clothing and makeup to not only imitate but also exaggerate the characteristics of female gender and associated roles for the entertainment of audiences. Throughout history, drag queens have been mostly males which dress and act as women. Today drag queens are often associated with being gay. However, drag queens can be of either gender and sexual orientation and they do their thing for varying reasons which include self-expression and as part of the mainstream performance.

Drag shows in most cases include dancing, live singing, and lip-synching. You will find drag shows in events such as gay pride parades, drag pageants, and night clubs, cabarets and other similar events. There are different types of drag queens based on culture and dedication. For instance, you will find drag queens who star in mainstream films while others are involved in drag shoes occasionally. Psychologists state that drag queen are typical cisgender men except for a few exceptions of varying gender identities and sexual orientations. Click here now!

There are also cisgender female Cade Hildreth drag queens and are also referred to as bio queens or faux queens. On the other side women who exaggeratedly dress in men and masculine clothing are referred to as drag kings. Some drag queens like to be referred to as ‘she’ while others like to confine these terms to characters they play. Most drag performers think of themselves as drag artists especially when the modern forms of drag became non-binary.

There is an ongoing debate on whether drag queens who are transgender should have the referrence ‘drag queens’.There are arguments that a drag queen means a man who play the role and character of a woman and as such transgender women should not be called drag queens. Drag kings on the other hand are biologically females who portray a men masculine character. There are also bio-queens,bio-kings and faux queens whose performances are centered on their own biological sex but through heightened as well as exaggerated gender presentation. Many people are fans of drag shows and have their favorite drag queens. People look forward to seeing their favorite drag queens perform at concerts and on TV. Get more facts about entertainment at

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